09/11: Enlightenment & Children


Research various children’s literature at Scholastic.com (or any bookshelf, library, or website that carries recent children’s literature) and find a book that stands out to you.  This can be a sentimental book from your childhood, something you love, something you loathe, or something you would burn if you had the chance.  Once you have decided on your picture book, begin to explore the ways it speaks to children through its form, content and material.  Feel free to include elements of the picture themselves in your review.  As you look a little deeper into this material, ask yourself some of the following questions: Does this book reflect the ideas of childhood we discussed from the enlightenment or does it embrace more modern themes?  Do you like the way it is written?  Is it appropriate for children or is too tame?  Is it sexist? Egocentric? Pornographic?  Will children get the irony or is it ‘dumbed’ down for an underappreciated audience?  Once you have answered these, and any other questions the book is begging the reader to ask, you should be ready to write your reading response.  This blog entry should include a synopsis of the picture book and be no less than 500 words in length. 

This response must cite both Locke and Strasburger, and it must also cite either Blake or Gray. Explain how their ideas contribute to your thinking on the topic.

Due no later than midnight on Wednesday, September 11. Make sure to place your post under the proper category so that we can find it!


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