08/23: Discussion Questions for The Matrix (Not Required for Credit)

Discussion worksheet for The Matrix. Write your answers below each question and bring this sheet to class on Tuesday.

  1. In general, I want you to think about how the Matrix might function as an allegory that represents political and religious systems of thought. Think about this for a second. Across the world many people have been brainwashed by totalitarian governments and religious fanatics. Is the Matrix really so different?
  2. Morpheus famously asks, “What is ‘real’, Neo?” What do you think? Is the Matrix real?
  3. How is unplugging from the Matrix similar to or different from “enlightenment”?
  4. Several times, the agents refer to Morpheus as a “terrorist.” Is he a terrorist? Why or why not?
  5. In The Matrix, the heroes are computer hackers. Read the Wikipedia entry for Edward Snowden. How is Snowden similar to or different from Neo?
  6. Make a list of philosophical / political questions raised by The Matrix (or not) that you care about and would like to write and talk about over the course of the semester. (Note: coming up with good questions can be hard. Take your time with this.)

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