11/22: Ballads and Rap

NOTE: This is a creative writing assignment. Your task is to write the lyrics to a song.

Assignment: Create your own original lyrics to a song. Your song should be a mashup of a ballad and a rap, alternating between the styles of urban America in the present and urban London of the eighteenth century. For inspiration, search the ballad archive at UCSB Ballad Project. Look for a ballad on a topic you find interesting. Read it for style and idiom.

Make sure to keep in mind the particular specifications of what goes into creating both of these types of music. Start by picking a topic, perhaps something you wish to soapbox on, much like what we read today in class. Your ballad/text should be a minimum of 4 verses (chorus optional) with two verses being in the style of modern American rap and two stanza in the style of English street ballads. Make sure there is a clear change in voice when switching stanzas! Ballad verses are four lines and raps should be a minimum of six each.



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