One thought on “Assignments

  1. Being a Christian:
    A belief I hold very strongly is believing in Jesus Christ through all things that I do. I was raised in the church and still continue to go today. My families faith in God is very strong and we believe that God makes everything happen for a reason. My family would be my biggest influence in the church and why I am such a strong believer in Christ. Most of all my friends and their families are also the same way.

    There are many reasons why one might steer a different way then believing in God. For example, my cousin grew up in the church and now he says that he is not a believer. When I ask him why the only thing he can say is “if God existed why do bad things happen”. And for christians like my family and I, we believe God’s way has a meaning. Things that could have possible steered him in this direction would be the group of friends he hangs out with. It is hard to see someone grow up in the church and then randomly choose not to believe anymore. His group of friends could have been a bigger influence on them than his own family. Many people choose to live like this though. And another reason someone may be steered in a different direction would be they do not have a background of going to church and have never being positively influenced by someone to go.

    Everyone has a right to have their own belief in today’s day and time and I am not one to judge. Although, I may not agree with them I have my own faith that encourages me to keep believing in Jesus Christ.

    By: Savanna Stevens

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