11/06: Enlightened Facebook

Create a Facebook page imitating either Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Cooper, Thomas Paine, or Ben Franklin. The bulk of the assignment will be to create 3 or more status updates that have to do with arguments that your person makes in his works.  If you really want to make it interesting, do a little outside research on these thinkers’ opinions, (encouraged, but not necessary). Get creative and put yourselves in the shoes of these enlightened men! *Also, if you see that a lot of people have already chosen one person, try to pick one of the other three!

The second part of this assignment will be to “friend” some of your fellow classmates and make 3 comments (total) on 3 statuses that are NOT yours. The way we will do this will be to have you post a link to your new Facebook page to WordPress when you are done creating it. That way others can easily find your new page and “friend” you. Feel free to make more than 3 comments, debates are encouraged!

It would be great if everyone could have their pages created by Wednesday, November 6th at 11:59. That way there will be plenty of time to make comments on other people’s pages.

These guys agreed, debated, and influenced the Enlightenment via letters way back in the 18th and 19th Centuries. We can do it too! (and much, much easier). Be creative with this assignment and have fun pretending to be a founding father!


Andie, Rob and I are completing our Facebook profiles for the assignment that’s due Thursday for everyone. We’re figuring out the logistics, but for the group posts there should be at least three for each person that are at least 100 words each. There should also be at least three comments on the posts for each person.
We will be grading them based on the following:
3 posts at least 100 words each
  Each post should talk about one of the arguments that the chosen character made.
3 posts about three different arguments that the historical character made
– 3 comments on other’s posts:
Each student will put himself or herself into the place of their historical figure and comment  on other’s posts based on what they think the figure would say. There is no length requirement for these posts.




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