09/25: Annotating the King’s Letters

For the WordPress assignment, we want you to take a closer look at the letters that caused so much controversy. Choose the one letter that we didn’t discuss in class that interests you the most, read it, and write a 400-500 word entry explaining the significant details of the letters. Provide a succinct but detailed summary of what exactly was being said, and explain why was it controversial. Your analysis should cite both the letter and the editor’s commentary (the preface and/or the annotations). If any individuals are mentioned in the letter, you need to explain who they are — provide their real names, a little background, and an explanation in their role. If specific historical events are mentioned, you should provide a brief explanation of those events.

With the last quarter or third of the entry, look at the assigned articles on Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, and WikiLeaks, and relate them back to the King’s Cabinet Opened. What sort of conflicts do you see running through these exposes? What ideologies are being threatened? What’s the scandal?

(NOTE: If there are already several responses to this prompt by the time you write yours, please try to pick a letter that hasn’t already been explained to death. If everyone chooses the same few letters, there won’t be as much to discuss during class time.)

Due by Wednesday, Sept 25, 11:59pm.


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