11/13: Art criticism

Please choose ONE of the three topic points that we discussed in class and explain how Richardson viewed it:

1) The idea of the artistic connoisseur (i.e. What makes a connoisseur? Is it possible to be one? What did Richardson think?)

2) What to do with prejudices when viewing art (i.e. Is it possible to experience art without prejudice? If not, why? If so, why? If so, to what effect? Would it be worth it to leave them out? What did Richardson think?)

3.) The idea that art should improve society (i.e. Do you feel that this is the goal of art? If so, why? If not, what do you think the goal of art is? How do your views compare or contrast with Richardson’s?)

 Then relate Richardson’s views on this topic point to your own brief critiques of two pieces of contemporary art. Choose a piece that speaks to you as well one that really irks you. You can choose and compare two songs, poems, movies, paintings/pictures, etc., as long as both your pieces are from the 1950’s to the present. Explain  why you feel you respond the way that you do to your chosen two works (i.e. are you affected by their structure, style, content, etc?). In other words, explain what makes your chosen piece of art moving to you and what makes the other one bother you. You should ultimately relate how your responses fit in with the ideas of Richardson. That is, how do you think Richardson might view your chosen pieces and your responses to them?

Responses should be standard length (400-500 words) and be posted to the course blog no later than 11:59pm, Wednesday 11/13.


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