09/24: The English Civil War

For Tuesday, Sept 24, there are two readings.

1) The first is The King’s Cabinet Opened (1645), a collection of letters by King Charles I published during the war.

2) The second is an essay by Barbara Donagan, “Atrocity, War Crime, and Treason in the English Civil War” (1994).


“Well guys, we chose these readings for Tuesday with the intention of exerting mercy on your souls and adhering to a certain standard of brevity. When I took a look at the postings online, they were, to my horror and most certainly yours, lacking the page numbers. Having assigned texts that are over sixty pages long a piece, I get the feeling we may have scared a few people.

I know this is last minute, but here are the numbers for these readings so you don’t kill yourselves trying to get them read by tomorrow:

The King’s Cabinet Opened by Sir Thomas Fairfax pdf pages 6-9 (Preface) and pages 52-55 (Annotations)
Atrocity, War Crime, and Treason in the English Civil War by Barbara Donagan p. 1137-1141
I just wanted to make sure page numbers for the readings are clear. Sorry this is a tad belated!

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