09/12: Children and Media

If the patriarchal society we inherited from the Enlightenment decides who to disperse which information to, what are the similarities of us controlling information dispersal to our children?

For Thursday, read the following three articles:

Victor Strasburger, Children, Adolescents, and Media

Jennifer Luxton, “‘Adventure Time’ Might Not Be The Right Show For Kids”: http://sundial.csun.edu/2013/03/adventure-time-might-not-be-the-right-show-for-kids/

Lawrence Barber, “Cartoon and a Comedian: How ‘Adventure Time’ and ‘Louie’ Are Revolutionising TV”: http://blogs.crikey.com.au/wiresandlights/2013/08/15/cartoon-and-a-comedian-how-adventure-time-and-louie-are-revolutionising-tv-storytelling-for-different-generations/


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