A Modern Lady/Notcha’ Regular Bitch

I wonder in this life,

Shall I be made a scholar or a wife?

Is it justice? Is this fair?

Are my options limited to here or there?


Yo w’as with the push for settling down?!

Don’t claim to know much, but ain’t foolin’ with no clown.

I’ll be yo lovah and yo fighter, but you gotta see

The only playah’ I’m fightin’ for is me!


The youth of society have been quite remiss,

To assume a life of either study OR true love’s kiss.

One should remain open, both are fair game.

To limit one’s life is a pity and a shame.


I told it once, and I’ll tell it again!

When you get where ya goin’ don’t forget where ya been!

Rock dat life of a motha, a teacher, a father or a preacher, a docta or a bride

Jus’ don’t forget tha’ playa’ inside!


First World Probz: A Rap and Ballad

Im chasin’ “honeys” you’d swear I’m a bear
People talkin’ shit on twitter, you think I actually care?
I don’t need connections from a stupid job fair
All I need is money to fix my nappy ass hair.

Suburb life where the goal is to get a happy wife
Er’body just wantin’ to stab you in the back with a knife.
No one lives the same life twice
And no one is ever there to help a bitch out twice.

So longingly I stare out the window oppressive
Wishing to run away to a life less controlled
The teacher in command is always so aggressive
How will I ever break from the mold?

First comes school, then more school, and work
One never seems to simply enjoy what they have earned
My goals and ambitions must need to be reworked
These first world conundrums must be unlearned.

Be You, Haters Gona Hate

What is right and what is wrong?

You must discover your goals and ideologies

But prove first it is strong,

With compromises and strategies

Never steering away from the dream in mind

Following it will be true and divine


Forget those that hate,

Haters gona hate

Be you

And do what you gona to do

Screw those that hate,

Haters gona hate


Do not be pushed in a way differently by civilization

Find a way to rise above and defy all probabilities

Ignore all those that bring about confrontation

Become something that is prominent by your abilities

Be who you are, and do not be influenced by anyone

So step out into the world and let your life’s journey begun


They wana talk with hate

But never they appreciate

The fact that you are better,

And will soon become the golden setter

At the top of it all

They watch in awe

Because those haters gona hate


By: Rapper Jody J

Twerkin and I’m Lurkin

Richard Derderian

Group 9


The Acrobat

There she goes, the pretty dancer

Don’t believe she could appear prettier

So slender, tender, and mild

Look at the balance, look at the poise

I don’t know how she blocks out the noise

Of camera’s clicking all around

All the while she makes no sound


Because she’s a little trick

She’s used to the damn fame

No wonder she’s so good at balancing

All these hoes is the same.

Now, watch me perform these lyrical

Acrobats for these acting brats,

Little hussies can’t even get on my level

When I push on this pedal


Oh, here grace.

As she spins and twirls on the stage

I muse about her limberness and training

I see her father clenching his heart

How can something so pure

Become someone so dark?

She does what she does though,

The dance is now endless

She’s taken the path of the hallow temptress


Her father can sit there and cry all he wants

His daughter’s become what he thought she could not.

No surprise though, all the TV and fame

Surely going to this lil girls head

But God damn shorty, how you gonna

Tryn’ twerk it with no ass at all?

Shit makes me wanna throw up in a stall.

So, Miley Cyrus just stop trying so hard

Til you grow at least a little bootie cutie

So until then keep it under wraps before

You end up getting slapped!


A noble knight, an innocent maid 

she, in the tower, he, on is way:

to rescue her, this damsel

will he be in time to save her from distress?

we shall see, all in good time

if he arrives, she’ll be sublime


Yo, girl lemme see that ass

in the club, getting dirty 

tap that ass 

now get low 

get on the floor 


she awaits her prince 

in the tower, she twiddles her thumbs 

she must be patient, until he comes

for without him, she is frail 

she needs her knight ,

night after night she wails 


yo, girl, you looking lonely 

what’s your name? Imma take you home with me 

we’ll chill all night, 

until first light, 

i’ll be the sunny 

to your delight  

Weird Rap-Ballad

My love, the young man

Who sits for hours seeming wan

Where is your love, my sweet

If you have none, why, we should meet!


If you ain’t thinkin’ straight

Boo, just bite onto my bait

I’ll show you a great-ass time

We can go to a movie and drank some wine

Don’t worry about your old ex-girlfriend

Stick wit’ me, my life is a whirlwind


You gallant young chap

Hop in my carriage, buckle your strap

I shall bring thee to see

The greatest places that be

With you by my side,

I might make a happy bride


Once we be gettin’ down

Gettin’ our kicks all over town

Boy, you won’t remember that girl

You’ll be so drunk you might hurl

But don’t you worry I’ll be right here

To make you breakfast in the morning, ya hear?

Wanderlust: My attempt Ballad/Rap

I sleep, I eat, I study, I work

the goal for which I have yet to know

the other girls, who go out and twerk

not me, I’m just ready to go.


Gotta keep going

Gotta keep up,

marrying young,

nah that ain’t my stuff.


To see the things unseen and seen,

climb the highest mountain,

to just take it in and breathe,

the Eiffel tower, Great Wall, Trevi Fountain.


Gotta keep going

Gotta keep up,

marrying young,

nah that ain’t my stuff.


Traveling is my passion,

Friends all over the world, to seem them again,

do you have compassion?


Gotta keep going

Gotta keep up,

marrying young,

nah that ain’t my stuff.


I need, I yearn, the pain.

My head is not here,

its there, out in the world,

whatever means, whatever savings