Thomas Paine – Robert Yetter

1. Soooo, first off, who is this T-Pain rapper man? I find no wit or common sense in his bumbling verses and it annoys me. Someone with an esteemed name such as T. Paine, or a like one, surely must have to hold themselves to a higher plane of thinking! I do like these “beats”, though, they create a marvelous sensation in my stomach. But nevertheless, just something intersting I found on this interweb. I also found out on the web that there are still monarchies around! Preposterous! I have stated that republics are far more peaceful and I can see now that my thoughts were correct. Oh, gotta to run, Law and Order is on!

2. So I keep seeing on my Facebook that if I don’t share these God posts, then I am going to Hell or love Satan. Really? Do they not realize the brevity of this? My mind is my church and I am free to believe what I will. These posts are an attempt to see how many people follow the same mindless patterns of religion as they have always and I don’t understand it. I said it once, and I will say it countless more times: These institutions are a poison to the world of enlightened people. The Jews, Turks, Muslims, Christians, all of them are blind in their obedience to what I think of as a mythology. And what is the point? Money? Obedience? Unworthy in my opinion. We need to focus on the moral virtues set forth by the one God and hope for happiness in whatever comes after this life.

3. I have seen a number of disturbing things while searching this Google thing (an amazing invention if you ask me). The world is divided! In my time the world was divided and I see that nothing has changed. True, a democratic way of thinking has certainly taken hold, but even so there are countries that do not treat people equally. We are still in an age of reason, no doubt, so why have we not progressed further! All people are equal! Perhaps it is these damned religions getting in the way of true world equality and peace. So, today, I am feeling depressed, yet I am determined to write a lengthy doctrine on the state of world affairs as they are. Look for it early 2014, and be sure to like the new page i just made, The Real T-Paine.


Thomas Paine in the House

Richard Derderian

Group 7

Thomas Paine

1.)     I want to understand why we as a people are so easily swayed in our beliefs.  One moment, you will at church, and the next moment, you will be cursing the name of God!  As a devoted Christian, I believe in one God and one God only!  You people who are swayed away from your Christian roots are damning yourselves.  I hope to find my own happiness in the afterlife, but it is hard for me to find solace on the Earth when so many of my fellow Christians are turning to the man-made institutions of the Jews, Turks, and Protestants.  I guess it is just another product of this so-called “progressive movement”.



2.)    O’ what can be said?  Who can be blamed?  I will tell you.  It is the internet box’s fault!  How this magic is done is beyond me, but it appears as if this witchery has connected everyone in the world!  This so-called “Facebook” has taken from us all the power that words once had.  Woe is me!  Every moment I receive another post calling for change.  Calling for Revolution!  This society has been poisoned by the power of self-righteousness in the worst way possible.  To think that people would actually take interest in a picture of your wretched little kitty is beyond me!  When I distributed Common Sense, I had purpose.  I had vision!  To know that our society has fallen so far is a shame beyond shame!


3.)    It is time for us to grow up.  We must use our reason to reject the most important threat to our society.  That threat, of course, is the Twilight series.  Ever since the beginning of time, men have told stories of great giants and wars between God and Satan.  Many people believed these stories and went on to live long and prosperous lives.  What I am trying to say, is that you can believe what you want to believe, but in the name of all that is holy do not believe in this wretched tale of falsity.  It is a poison to our society, with the most potential threat being to our children.  We must protect our most treasured possessions!

Group 7: Facebook Statuses

Thomas Jefferson Facebook Statuses

Status 1:I know all of us are posting about it, but just want to put my two cents in. I don’t want to be some other cliche Facebook user, but what is up with all this hate on the press. Government get your crap together, RESPECT. Respect our opinions and we’ll respect yours. So over all this, time to prove what being an American really means. We are a country that is built on the concept of freedom, a concept that is not limited rather should be overwhelming in all that we do. Let the Public be informed, let us have the Freedom of Speech. Have to do what is best for us as a whole not individually, and what we need is Freedom of the press. #PREACH #lifelibertydeath #FREE #saywhatIwant

Status 2:

UM all you fake friends that are always preaching and telling me you got my back no matter what, WHO SOLD MY LETTERS TO THE PUBLIC? Breach of trust man, how you going to go on and do something like that. And I got my suspicions about which of you all it is. Yeah you T.Coop, I see you. Funny how all our letters got out like that. Just want a say sorry for those that thought we couldn’t be friends over that whole religion nonsense. Use my letters for good rather than “expose” me. I’m not an infidel. I’ve said it before I’ll say it again. I believe in my one God. Where my friends at now? #liveloveGod #hatersgonnahate #standbyme

Status 3:

Rather be called a nerd than a loser! William and Mary ya’ll, remember that name. Building a school around a library, might as well make me President of the world. My IQ is OFF THE CHARTS. Why did no one think of this before me? HA because no one compares to TJEFF (still working on my nickname, inbox me your suggestions). Gotta love me some Public Educations. Americans are going to be smart, or God save me I’m trying. Going to start off with all males at this school, I mean hey ladies, ya’ll don’t want to be the guinea pigs, let the men do what they know best. #publiceducation #booksonbooks #mericuh

Thomas “No Paine No Gain”

Ya boi has been puttin’ it off for FAR TOO LONG y’all! Finally letting every1 know how I feel about the worshiping game. I’m talkin’ RELIGION! Got a Str8 gangsta’ title for this mug: “Age of Reason.” TBH this is prolly it for me. I mean…I won’t be scribbling much more for my homies if you feel me. This is what I will leave for tha WORLD. Even tho I know I have a bunch of haters out there, this is for everybody!  Even the haters won’t be denyin’ that this is some REAL stuff. My aim is true y’all. My aim is TRUE! (Possible allusion to Elvis Costello?)

It’s me again. Comin’back to let y’all know a few thangs. Firstly, I believe one God. O-N-E  G-O-D.  I hope yer feelin’ me there cause I can’t dumb it down anymore. Second thing I came to say is that I think all my bothas are EQUAL.  Every1 is =. Number 1 G-O-D  is all about justice and MERCY. Spittin’ rhymes and being real wit y’all. Third…and this is getting’ all cheesy but whateva… imma work towards makin’ all y’all happy. Every last sista and brotha.  My number 1 G-O-D wants every1 H-A-P-P-I-E. Peace and love y’all.

I gotta hand it to my boy Benny Freeze…some of y’all know him as Benjamin Franklin. Even when he ain’t lovin’ my work he ain’t hatin’ on me either.  Mad respect dawg, mad respect.  Imma do my thang  though man. I gotta do what I gotta do! We all gotta do US. Especially the U.S.! Am I right? I already got y’all all hyped to fight for independence against ol’ Granny Britain… but now we need to fight for US. I’m saying YOU NEED TO DO YOU!  We Americans can’t be held down by tha MAN! We’ve gotta fight y’all! Fight against the institution religion has become.

Group 7 TJ Statuses

Thomas Jefferson – status 1 (Thomas Jefferson to Thomas Cooper, Nov 2 1822)

I’m still a little bit nervous as to when this school is ever going to open… we have dorms and houses for people to live in, but no library! Somehow, the legislature got away with denying us the money for a library. I hope that they will have better sense next time around, but… who knows. Speaking of nerves, upon reading a letter from my man T. Coop, I’m also a bit nervous about the young adults growing up in America right now… these kids’ parents have let them run wild, and they think they know everything. I can only hope that we make it through these next few years!

Thomas Jefferson – status 2 –– Thomas Jefferson to Thomas Cooper, Oct 7, 1814

LOL @ how freakin small the handwriting is on a letter I just received. I feel like I went blind after reading that crap. Anyways, can I just say for once that just because you’ve read a couple books by Caesar, Virgil and Euclid does not make you a genius?! And definitely does not give you any sort of credibility in the science world. Sorry for the #subtweet but I had to get that one off my chest.

Also, I’m feeling a little bit torn about the whole professorship of Theology thing. I really don’t think I want a Theologian at my institution, but sometimes you just have to bite the bullet. I don’t really get how we could get a professorship of Theology and then exclude anatomy and botany from education?! No disrespect @ my man Tcoop.

Status 3 — Thomas Jefferson to Thomas Cooper, Oct 7, 181

#LT sorry to post again about Anatomy and Botany but come on. What could be more important than knowing about how your body works?!! AND WHAT ABOUT THE PLANTS!? Mineralogy is important and all, but what could be cooler and more fun than knowing about all the stuff around you when you go outside?

Finally, I’d like to give a shoutout to my man @Tcoop and the sad fate of his Emporium. Tcoop, this is only a short fix, and hopefully it’ll be back in no time…I hope once all this gets sorted out, it’ll be back! Our artists definitely miss it! @Tcoop, you always have my respect!

Thomas Paine Social Network

Post #1

how can you people blindly follow a doctrine you have never validated or encountered but through the words of other men?  man should not allow other men to decide for him the consequences of his own actions.  this is an age of reason, one where man is governed by his own ideas and his own interactions with his environment, not with what he has been told to do or think.  the age of religion is over, bring fourth a new era of enlightenment to destroy the structures of doctrine and allow man to progress towards his ultimate goal of enlightenment both mental and spiritual.  let the shackles of religion no longer hold back the freedoms afforded to every man.

Post #2

let not the rhetoric of your former masters cloud your judgement in regards to the state of british tyranny.  they would spit lies at you in a fashion that not only makes the common man feel inadequate but to purposefully confuse you into a state of submission. every man is provided his own palette of common sense and the words of those whom he has chosen to govern him should reflect the ability of the listener to comprehend.  no more charged and difficult rhetoric, this is the propaganda of the aristocracy.  common sense dictates that every man should have equal opportunity to understand the works and ideas of his leaders, for after they are the ones who serve him, not in reverse. if you can be told what you see of read, then if follows that you can be told what to say or think. protect your ability to understand, for no one else will do it for you.

Post #3

equality for all man means equality for all regardless of his social, political, religious, and racial background. man is not made up of an ocean of beings who think, look, and live the same.  humanity of made up of individuals and each individual can contribute new understanding because of the inherent differences within him or her.  mans multifaceted social structures are what make him strong and not weak.  the people, in all their glorious complexities and unique circumstances, weave the cloth of society together into a bright and comfortable blanket that shields them from the winter cold of oppression and tyranny, both physical and mental.  all men deserve to be treated equally and to have their ideas treated equally, regardless of who or what they are.  this is an age of reason, not an age of fear and doubt.

Ben Franklin Posts

I cannot begin to understand how Thomas Paine believes that mankind can do without religion, let alone thrive without it. I turned on the news today and, to my surprise, I see a report on a woman brutally stabbing three people in a Wal-Mart over the newest Xbox console. The amount of cruel wickedness that people are capable of even with religious morality being taught to them throughout their lives is enough for me to believe that it would only be worse if religion was done away with. Perhaps after over two centuries of our independence religion doesn’t have as big of a moral impact on people as it always has, but either way, perhaps other methods of keeping the weak, the ignorant and the inexperienced in line need to be tried – taking religion out of the question is impossible.

I hear a lot of people have been speculating about my own religious beliefs. I’m tired of the lies and the rumors in the media and I’m tired of people speaking for me. I’m going to set the record straight once and for all. I do believe in ONE God, The Creator of the Universe. I do believe that God should be worshipped. When it comes to the interpretations that include Jesus Christ, I respect the moral lessons that are associated with that particular religious sect, but personally I have some doubts about the divinity and perhaps the existence of this person. I believe that God created the universe and since then has had a very laissez faire approach to it. In short, I consider myself a deist.

I grew up like many people in early colonial America. It is true; I once believed that African-Americans were inferior to Whites. Recently I went to visit a school in which young African children were being taught. To my surprise and contrary to what I was taught to believe, the African students learned fast, memorized their lessons and were just as well behaved in the classroom as young white students. After witnessing this I decided to become an abolitionist. I was a fool to believe that someone could be inferior bases solely on the color of their skin. My first duty will be to release my two slaves. My next will be to try and educate free blacks because education is the only way to truly be free in our society. This is the land of the free; all people deserve to be free.