Reflective Essay

Before this class I had never experienced a course in which the students did the teaching. Since I was in a later group it was intriguing to learn from my peers and to hear from the presenters what they chose to be interesting about the Enlightenment. It was even more interesting to comment and listen to comments about all the topics that were discussed throughout the course. Though, us students having to bear the responsibility of teaching and grading was difficult to catch on to. It was definitely a good experience and I learned more in this course than I have in any other course. I am confident that because of the learning process I will actually retain a lot more information from this course than I have from other courses. I especially enjoyed working with Group 6 and witchcraft.

Every time I have had group projects it has always been a disaster. This wasn’t THAT bad. There was some missed communication and time restraints but we pulled it off, just like the rest of the groups!

I enjoyed the the blog post for week one the most. I think that blog post sums up what I was going to learn from the class. No matter the medium: texts, paintings, engravings etc.The Enlightenment was about letting go of tradition for the sake of tradition. It was a time when philosophers began asking the questions that still have relevance today. Almost everything around us today can be traced back in someway to the Enlightenment. Without pseudoscience there would be no science. If not for the original restrictive gender roles there would be no movement away from them today.

Most societal trends are associated with the previous trends, reflections. If we lose our nonage, forget our influences, we can understand more freely.


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