Final Essay

I think that the most valuable thing I got out of this class was a way to successfully work with others in an attempt to educate others. This wasn’t a class where the group projects was a reflection on what you learned in class but rather the group projects were HOW we all learned. I’m not gonna lie, it was very frustrating at times. That being said, I think I got a lot of out it despite how frustrating it was. As a person who has considered teaching as a career, it was wonderful practice. There was such a wonderful challenge trying to concoct a question that was edgy and thought-provoking enough that it would spur at least a single person to have a comment or an idea. Hopefully, that person would say something that spurred a thought in another student and so on and so forth. This was extremely difficult and when it worked it was extremely satisfying. It was so interesting to watch how a class of random persons hoping that the curriculum surround the “question the man” mentality we discussed on day one turn into a room full of people who worked together at every corner. We were responsible for the education of our fellow classmates and I was so happy that we all took it seriously.


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