Final Reflective Essay

Brock R.-

I first want to start by saying that this was one of the most involved English class I have ever had the chance to be apart of. The amount of engagement with the class and the readings was at the perfect level and pace. The blogs that needed to be contributed every week in helping me to stay on top of the readings and learning more about the enlightenment and how the enlightenment affects us today. The tools such as word press made it very easy to complete assignments and the facebook group was also great for directing me and keeping me on track with various goals and steps that needed to be completed for the conference. I felt that although the group presentations of subjects was interesting we could have gone to more places such as Thomas Coopers collection of literary works which I found very cool to see works such as Fitzgerald’s illustrated novel. It was amazing to see both the good and bad art of famous writers and literary geniuses as well. I understand that there are not many places to go but perhaps more guest speakers and others who are versed in the works of the enlightenment would have been fun to host and here there perspective on different subject matter as well.

            I was a big fan of the structure of the class too, being able to do work online and not always need to come to class really made life easier and made me feel more of like an adult, rather than being obligated to do something. The course contract was also a great way to motivate me to keep the A and it was a refreshing method of grading and determining class scores. Mainly, because in my other classes it is relatively unknown what the grade will be until the last minute, but this method was simple and effective. The implication of this type of grading system made me need to worry about one less aspect of my life. The dynamic of the classroom was also very smooth as well as everyone in class was kind and helpful whenever I had concerns or questions about certain aspects of a blog or a project. I felt that leading a classroom discussion also proved to be a challenge as well, preparing the readings and grading the papers was time consuming but enjoyable as well. When I had to teach the material myself there was so much more about gender roles (my topic) than I researched and dived into because I wanted to know exactly what I was talking about. This motivation to find out more also helped me in writing the paper for the conference and so I have learned much more about the topic than I could have imagined. The research also helped develop my researching abilities as well and helped me to really pull out the important parts of a literary piece of work in order to develop a viable and sensible argument. All in all I had a great time and I thank you for the chance to learn in a more flexible and fun environment.  


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