Final reflection: Madison Johnston

I don’t think I’ve ever felt closer to a single class than I have in English 382. From the numerous journals to the midterm project and now, the eve of our big conference I am nothing but pleased to have taken this course this semester. I will say that this class wasn’t easy. Many times I wanted to give up or skip something because I thought I had too much going on, but something kept me coming back for more. I absolutely loved seeing the different sides of people and what they were passionate about. The final project that we’ve been working on has been a combination of the most interesting/ fun project I’ve worked on since being in college. Seeing what exactly goes into a conference like this makes me appreciate other events even more.  I know this sounds cheesy, but after working on this final midterm project I consider these people more than just my classmates. This midterm project has had me excited for weeks. I am looking forward to seeing the faces of everyone whom I’ve met in this class in other English courses to come over the next few years. This class has shown me what the Enlightenment period really was and how different kinds of people saw it. Enlightenment isn’t just something you can grasp overnight; it’s a way of living and learning. 


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