Rap/Ballad: Discovering New Thoughts

Clear your mind for this period in time, for

Thinking in a different way

Far away our minds shall stray.

Criticized for our new thoughts, we stay strong

For they do not see it, but there is no wrong


Screw what they think, were on our own tip

Coastin towards freethinking, we won’t slip

These words we speak are imbedded in time

For years later people will read and interpret our lines

It’s us against them in this battle of minds

They’re lucky its 1794 or I’d bust a nine


Philosophies of old reformed into new

These thoughts and beliefs are what we see true

Society, Education, and Human Nature

Are areas we philosophers can’t push til later


It’s our time to act

So it’s best to step back

And listen to our words

As we drop some knowledge on you turds.

The truth is here and there’s no turning back

Like an escape tunnel in prison we’ve started from scratch 


One thought on “Rap/Ballad: Discovering New Thoughts

  1. Loved the elegant word play and rhymes, particularly the word to turd combo in the final stanza. Interesting concept too.

    Good work.

    Grade: S

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