Be You, Haters Gona Hate

What is right and what is wrong?

You must discover your goals and ideologies

But prove first it is strong,

With compromises and strategies

Never steering away from the dream in mind

Following it will be true and divine


Forget those that hate,

Haters gona hate

Be you

And do what you gona to do

Screw those that hate,

Haters gona hate


Do not be pushed in a way differently by civilization

Find a way to rise above and defy all probabilities

Ignore all those that bring about confrontation

Become something that is prominent by your abilities

Be who you are, and do not be influenced by anyone

So step out into the world and let your life’s journey begun


They wana talk with hate

But never they appreciate

The fact that you are better,

And will soon become the golden setter

At the top of it all

They watch in awe

Because those haters gona hate


By: Rapper Jody J


2 thoughts on “Be You, Haters Gona Hate

  1. Yo yo yo Jody J, sick rhymez. You did a great job of differentiating between the more formal ballad style and free verse rap style while still presenting a solid idea: eff the haters.
    Grade: S

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