A Modern Lady/Notcha’ Regular Bitch

I wonder in this life,

Shall I be made a scholar or a wife?

Is it justice? Is this fair?

Are my options limited to here or there?


Yo w’as with the push for settling down?!

Don’t claim to know much, but ain’t foolin’ with no clown.

I’ll be yo lovah and yo fighter, but you gotta see

The only playah’ I’m fightin’ for is me!


The youth of society have been quite remiss,

To assume a life of either study OR true love’s kiss.

One should remain open, both are fair game.

To limit one’s life is a pity and a shame.


I told it once, and I’ll tell it again!

When you get where ya goin’ don’t forget where ya been!

Rock dat life of a motha, a teacher, a father or a preacher, a docta or a bride

Jus’ don’t forget tha’ playa’ inside!


2 thoughts on “A Modern Lady/Notcha’ Regular Bitch

  1. Very interesting idea and well represented. I enjoyed reading this and loved the casual language mixed with the intellectual rhymes and rhythms.

    Grade: S

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