Twerkin and I’m Lurkin

Richard Derderian

Group 9


The Acrobat

There she goes, the pretty dancer

Don’t believe she could appear prettier

So slender, tender, and mild

Look at the balance, look at the poise

I don’t know how she blocks out the noise

Of camera’s clicking all around

All the while she makes no sound


Because she’s a little trick

She’s used to the damn fame

No wonder she’s so good at balancing

All these hoes is the same.

Now, watch me perform these lyrical

Acrobats for these acting brats,

Little hussies can’t even get on my level

When I push on this pedal


Oh, here grace.

As she spins and twirls on the stage

I muse about her limberness and training

I see her father clenching his heart

How can something so pure

Become someone so dark?

She does what she does though,

The dance is now endless

She’s taken the path of the hallow temptress


Her father can sit there and cry all he wants

His daughter’s become what he thought she could not.

No surprise though, all the TV and fame

Surely going to this lil girls head

But God damn shorty, how you gonna

Tryn’ twerk it with no ass at all?

Shit makes me wanna throw up in a stall.

So, Miley Cyrus just stop trying so hard

Til you grow at least a little bootie cutie

So until then keep it under wraps before

You end up getting slapped!


One thought on “Twerkin and I’m Lurkin

  1. Welp, really loved the title and how you ‘rapped’ it all up with some awesome pop culture profanities. Good work.

    Grade: S

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