A noble knight, an innocent maid 

she, in the tower, he, on is way:

to rescue her, this damsel

will he be in time to save her from distress?

we shall see, all in good time

if he arrives, she’ll be sublime


Yo, girl lemme see that ass

in the club, getting dirty 

tap that ass 

now get low 

get on the floor 


she awaits her prince 

in the tower, she twiddles her thumbs 

she must be patient, until he comes

for without him, she is frail 

she needs her knight ,

night after night she wails 


yo, girl, you looking lonely 

what’s your name? Imma take you home with me 

we’ll chill all night, 

until first light, 

i’ll be the sunny 

to your delight  


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