Weird Rap-Ballad

My love, the young man

Who sits for hours seeming wan

Where is your love, my sweet

If you have none, why, we should meet!


If you ain’t thinkin’ straight

Boo, just bite onto my bait

I’ll show you a great-ass time

We can go to a movie and drank some wine

Don’t worry about your old ex-girlfriend

Stick wit’ me, my life is a whirlwind


You gallant young chap

Hop in my carriage, buckle your strap

I shall bring thee to see

The greatest places that be

With you by my side,

I might make a happy bride


Once we be gettin’ down

Gettin’ our kicks all over town

Boy, you won’t remember that girl

You’ll be so drunk you might hurl

But don’t you worry I’ll be right here

To make you breakfast in the morning, ya hear?


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