Death By School Work Rap


Longing for break

The sad brunette girl cried

Until she could not take,

All the schoolwork so she died.


She said she’s always busy, she’s rarely home

So she failin’ and that makes her foam

Is there a chance that she’d survive?

I’ve seen the dead come alive

Kill tha head light pull up at tha grave sight

Keep pushing, you’ll be fine, don’t give in, you’ll be alright


Yet she was not there,

Not a single flower left for her

Though the mystery of her being was still in the air

Possibly the young sad girl was just a blur


So now you raise the flag of the blood race earth

No time to feel sadly, I know my worth

Cause if I die, before I wake

Get in the way of all da fake

My prerogative is to remain positive

I keep the real motherfuckers alive

So basically it’s about a girl who is so stressed out about school that she simply vanishes and everyone thinks she dies. The narrator though says that the only way to survive is just to stay positive and that’s how you stay alive through all the schoolwork.


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