Thomas Paine – Robert Yetter

1. Soooo, first off, who is this T-Pain rapper man? I find no wit or common sense in his bumbling verses and it annoys me. Someone with an esteemed name such as T. Paine, or a like one, surely must have to hold themselves to a higher plane of thinking! I do like these “beats”, though, they create a marvelous sensation in my stomach. But nevertheless, just something intersting I found on this interweb. I also found out on the web that there are still monarchies around! Preposterous! I have stated that republics are far more peaceful and I can see now that my thoughts were correct. Oh, gotta to run, Law and Order is on!

2. So I keep seeing on my Facebook that if I don’t share these God posts, then I am going to Hell or love Satan. Really? Do they not realize the brevity of this? My mind is my church and I am free to believe what I will. These posts are an attempt to see how many people follow the same mindless patterns of religion as they have always and I don’t understand it. I said it once, and I will say it countless more times: These institutions are a poison to the world of enlightened people. The Jews, Turks, Muslims, Christians, all of them are blind in their obedience to what I think of as a mythology. And what is the point? Money? Obedience? Unworthy in my opinion. We need to focus on the moral virtues set forth by the one God and hope for happiness in whatever comes after this life.

3. I have seen a number of disturbing things while searching this Google thing (an amazing invention if you ask me). The world is divided! In my time the world was divided and I see that nothing has changed. True, a democratic way of thinking has certainly taken hold, but even so there are countries that do not treat people equally. We are still in an age of reason, no doubt, so why have we not progressed further! All people are equal! Perhaps it is these damned religions getting in the way of true world equality and peace. So, today, I am feeling depressed, yet I am determined to write a lengthy doctrine on the state of world affairs as they are. Look for it early 2014, and be sure to like the new page i just made, The Real T-Paine.


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