Thomas Paine in the House

Richard Derderian

Group 7

Thomas Paine

1.)     I want to understand why we as a people are so easily swayed in our beliefs.  One moment, you will at church, and the next moment, you will be cursing the name of God!  As a devoted Christian, I believe in one God and one God only!  You people who are swayed away from your Christian roots are damning yourselves.  I hope to find my own happiness in the afterlife, but it is hard for me to find solace on the Earth when so many of my fellow Christians are turning to the man-made institutions of the Jews, Turks, and Protestants.  I guess it is just another product of this so-called “progressive movement”.



2.)    O’ what can be said?  Who can be blamed?  I will tell you.  It is the internet box’s fault!  How this magic is done is beyond me, but it appears as if this witchery has connected everyone in the world!  This so-called “Facebook” has taken from us all the power that words once had.  Woe is me!  Every moment I receive another post calling for change.  Calling for Revolution!  This society has been poisoned by the power of self-righteousness in the worst way possible.  To think that people would actually take interest in a picture of your wretched little kitty is beyond me!  When I distributed Common Sense, I had purpose.  I had vision!  To know that our society has fallen so far is a shame beyond shame!


3.)    It is time for us to grow up.  We must use our reason to reject the most important threat to our society.  That threat, of course, is the Twilight series.  Ever since the beginning of time, men have told stories of great giants and wars between God and Satan.  Many people believed these stories and went on to live long and prosperous lives.  What I am trying to say, is that you can believe what you want to believe, but in the name of all that is holy do not believe in this wretched tale of falsity.  It is a poison to our society, with the most potential threat being to our children.  We must protect our most treasured possessions!


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