Group 7: Facebook Statuses

Thomas Jefferson Facebook Statuses

Status 1:I know all of us are posting about it, but just want to put my two cents in. I don’t want to be some other cliche Facebook user, but what is up with all this hate on the press. Government get your crap together, RESPECT. Respect our opinions and we’ll respect yours. So over all this, time to prove what being an American really means. We are a country that is built on the concept of freedom, a concept that is not limited rather should be overwhelming in all that we do. Let the Public be informed, let us have the Freedom of Speech. Have to do what is best for us as a whole not individually, and what we need is Freedom of the press. #PREACH #lifelibertydeath #FREE #saywhatIwant

Status 2:

UM all you fake friends that are always preaching and telling me you got my back no matter what, WHO SOLD MY LETTERS TO THE PUBLIC? Breach of trust man, how you going to go on and do something like that. And I got my suspicions about which of you all it is. Yeah you T.Coop, I see you. Funny how all our letters got out like that. Just want a say sorry for those that thought we couldn’t be friends over that whole religion nonsense. Use my letters for good rather than “expose” me. I’m not an infidel. I’ve said it before I’ll say it again. I believe in my one God. Where my friends at now? #liveloveGod #hatersgonnahate #standbyme

Status 3:

Rather be called a nerd than a loser! William and Mary ya’ll, remember that name. Building a school around a library, might as well make me President of the world. My IQ is OFF THE CHARTS. Why did no one think of this before me? HA because no one compares to TJEFF (still working on my nickname, inbox me your suggestions). Gotta love me some Public Educations. Americans are going to be smart, or God save me I’m trying. Going to start off with all males at this school, I mean hey ladies, ya’ll don’t want to be the guinea pigs, let the men do what they know best. #publiceducation #booksonbooks #mericuh


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