Mark well my sad tale of schoolwork,

Not handling responsibility well,

Don’t put off your papers til the day they are due

I can assure you, your professors will be able to tell.


It’s true! I woke up at 7 this morning

To write a paper due at nine,

And when I hit that “submit” button,

I knew an “A” would not be mine.


So hang in there my peeps

It’s hard out here in Tommy C

Bustin out papers,

Easy to quit

But we gotta keep pushin

Only 2 weeks left – don’t throw a fit!


We worked our butts off all semester,

Life ain’t easy as a college kid

So don’t waste all your hard work

By blowin off your papers due this last week –

You’ll really feel like a jerk!

I said, if you blow all your hard work now you’ll really feel like a jerk.



Link that I based my ballad section on:


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