Thomas Paine Social Network

Post #1

how can you people blindly follow a doctrine you have never validated or encountered but through the words of other men?  man should not allow other men to decide for him the consequences of his own actions.  this is an age of reason, one where man is governed by his own ideas and his own interactions with his environment, not with what he has been told to do or think.  the age of religion is over, bring fourth a new era of enlightenment to destroy the structures of doctrine and allow man to progress towards his ultimate goal of enlightenment both mental and spiritual.  let the shackles of religion no longer hold back the freedoms afforded to every man.

Post #2

let not the rhetoric of your former masters cloud your judgement in regards to the state of british tyranny.  they would spit lies at you in a fashion that not only makes the common man feel inadequate but to purposefully confuse you into a state of submission. every man is provided his own palette of common sense and the words of those whom he has chosen to govern him should reflect the ability of the listener to comprehend.  no more charged and difficult rhetoric, this is the propaganda of the aristocracy.  common sense dictates that every man should have equal opportunity to understand the works and ideas of his leaders, for after they are the ones who serve him, not in reverse. if you can be told what you see of read, then if follows that you can be told what to say or think. protect your ability to understand, for no one else will do it for you.

Post #3

equality for all man means equality for all regardless of his social, political, religious, and racial background. man is not made up of an ocean of beings who think, look, and live the same.  humanity of made up of individuals and each individual can contribute new understanding because of the inherent differences within him or her.  mans multifaceted social structures are what make him strong and not weak.  the people, in all their glorious complexities and unique circumstances, weave the cloth of society together into a bright and comfortable blanket that shields them from the winter cold of oppression and tyranny, both physical and mental.  all men deserve to be treated equally and to have their ideas treated equally, regardless of who or what they are.  this is an age of reason, not an age of fear and doubt.


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