Thomas “No Paine No Gain”

Ya boi has been puttin’ it off for FAR TOO LONG y’all! Finally letting every1 know how I feel about the worshiping game. I’m talkin’ RELIGION! Got a Str8 gangsta’ title for this mug: “Age of Reason.” TBH this is prolly it for me. I mean…I won’t be scribbling much more for my homies if you feel me. This is what I will leave for tha WORLD. Even tho I know I have a bunch of haters out there, this is for everybody!  Even the haters won’t be denyin’ that this is some REAL stuff. My aim is true y’all. My aim is TRUE! (Possible allusion to Elvis Costello?)

It’s me again. Comin’back to let y’all know a few thangs. Firstly, I believe one God. O-N-E  G-O-D.  I hope yer feelin’ me there cause I can’t dumb it down anymore. Second thing I came to say is that I think all my bothas are EQUAL.  Every1 is =. Number 1 G-O-D  is all about justice and MERCY. Spittin’ rhymes and being real wit y’all. Third…and this is getting’ all cheesy but whateva… imma work towards makin’ all y’all happy. Every last sista and brotha.  My number 1 G-O-D wants every1 H-A-P-P-I-E. Peace and love y’all.

I gotta hand it to my boy Benny Freeze…some of y’all know him as Benjamin Franklin. Even when he ain’t lovin’ my work he ain’t hatin’ on me either.  Mad respect dawg, mad respect.  Imma do my thang  though man. I gotta do what I gotta do! We all gotta do US. Especially the U.S.! Am I right? I already got y’all all hyped to fight for independence against ol’ Granny Britain… but now we need to fight for US. I’m saying YOU NEED TO DO YOU!  We Americans can’t be held down by tha MAN! We’ve gotta fight y’all! Fight against the institution religion has become.


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