Group 7 TJ Statuses

Thomas Jefferson – status 1 (Thomas Jefferson to Thomas Cooper, Nov 2 1822)

I’m still a little bit nervous as to when this school is ever going to open… we have dorms and houses for people to live in, but no library! Somehow, the legislature got away with denying us the money for a library. I hope that they will have better sense next time around, but… who knows. Speaking of nerves, upon reading a letter from my man T. Coop, I’m also a bit nervous about the young adults growing up in America right now… these kids’ parents have let them run wild, and they think they know everything. I can only hope that we make it through these next few years!

Thomas Jefferson – status 2 –– Thomas Jefferson to Thomas Cooper, Oct 7, 1814

LOL @ how freakin small the handwriting is on a letter I just received. I feel like I went blind after reading that crap. Anyways, can I just say for once that just because you’ve read a couple books by Caesar, Virgil and Euclid does not make you a genius?! And definitely does not give you any sort of credibility in the science world. Sorry for the #subtweet but I had to get that one off my chest.

Also, I’m feeling a little bit torn about the whole professorship of Theology thing. I really don’t think I want a Theologian at my institution, but sometimes you just have to bite the bullet. I don’t really get how we could get a professorship of Theology and then exclude anatomy and botany from education?! No disrespect @ my man Tcoop.

Status 3 — Thomas Jefferson to Thomas Cooper, Oct 7, 181

#LT sorry to post again about Anatomy and Botany but come on. What could be more important than knowing about how your body works?!! AND WHAT ABOUT THE PLANTS!? Mineralogy is important and all, but what could be cooler and more fun than knowing about all the stuff around you when you go outside?

Finally, I’d like to give a shoutout to my man @Tcoop and the sad fate of his Emporium. Tcoop, this is only a short fix, and hopefully it’ll be back in no time…I hope once all this gets sorted out, it’ll be back! Our artists definitely miss it! @Tcoop, you always have my respect!


One thought on “Group 7 TJ Statuses

  1. Lauren,
    you’ve completed our requirements for the assignment: both with length and content. I enjoyed the arguments you chose to discuss..and how you cited the letters so we know where the arguments came from. Well done!

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