Exam Week Ballad/Rap -Daquan Blyther

As I stare a while at my desk

That is covered in work

I rub at my temple

When my head doth hurt


Exams and essays

In the back of my head

Soon stress and anxiety

Will make me dead


Den I was like fuck exam week homie

Living in the library makes me lonely

One day it’ll pay off, I won’t be a crony

I’m gonna have more cheese than macaroni

And if you want beef I got bologna

My rhymes are always real and never phony


When it comes to assignments I got the most

Research papers make me wanna overdose

On caffeine, so you know I keep the coffee close

Plus I gotta promote this conference that we gonna host

Let’s have a toast, not trying to boast

But I think I’m killing this blog post


One thought on “Exam Week Ballad/Rap -Daquan Blyther

  1. You really did kill the blog post… Good job staying within the parameters and really nice rhymes. Loved the macaroni and bologna couplet.

    Good job.

    Grade: S

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