Ben Franklin Posts

I cannot begin to understand how Thomas Paine believes that mankind can do without religion, let alone thrive without it. I turned on the news today and, to my surprise, I see a report on a woman brutally stabbing three people in a Wal-Mart over the newest Xbox console. The amount of cruel wickedness that people are capable of even with religious morality being taught to them throughout their lives is enough for me to believe that it would only be worse if religion was done away with. Perhaps after over two centuries of our independence religion doesn’t have as big of a moral impact on people as it always has, but either way, perhaps other methods of keeping the weak, the ignorant and the inexperienced in line need to be tried – taking religion out of the question is impossible.

I hear a lot of people have been speculating about my own religious beliefs. I’m tired of the lies and the rumors in the media and I’m tired of people speaking for me. I’m going to set the record straight once and for all. I do believe in ONE God, The Creator of the Universe. I do believe that God should be worshipped. When it comes to the interpretations that include Jesus Christ, I respect the moral lessons that are associated with that particular religious sect, but personally I have some doubts about the divinity and perhaps the existence of this person. I believe that God created the universe and since then has had a very laissez faire approach to it. In short, I consider myself a deist.

I grew up like many people in early colonial America. It is true; I once believed that African-Americans were inferior to Whites. Recently I went to visit a school in which young African children were being taught. To my surprise and contrary to what I was taught to believe, the African students learned fast, memorized their lessons and were just as well behaved in the classroom as young white students. After witnessing this I decided to become an abolitionist. I was a fool to believe that someone could be inferior bases solely on the color of their skin. My first duty will be to release my two slaves. My next will be to try and educate free blacks because education is the only way to truly be free in our society. This is the land of the free; all people deserve to be free.


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