Art Prejudice and Criticism

When it comes to the topic of prejudice in art, I do not believe it is possible to experience art without having prejudice. I think when it comes to viewing art one must have some opinion on the art they are looking at. It is almost impossible to like everything you see in this world. You have to have some type of opinion on what you see in the world. I personally don’t think it would be worth it to leave out the idea of prejudice in viewing art. The reason for this is because if you do not have prejudice when viewing art, how can one find what they truly like in a piece. Richardson goes on to say, “All animated beings naturally covet Pleasure, and eagerly pursue it as their Chiefest Good; the great Affair is to choose those that are worthy of Rational Beings…” I believe that what Richardson is trying to say is when people are viewing art they become rational, and try to find only the good in those works. Richardson also believed that people who loved paintings have the ability to help reform them. He thinks that art gives a person the chance to find their influence on the world. I would go against this notion and say that art gives a person the ability to find their true identify in finding what they actually like and do not like. This means that viewing art is more of a personal experience.


The picture above is one that I can say really speaks to me. It is a picture of the world known band the Beatles departing from an airplane in the 1960s. This picture shows a group of guys that took over the world in the sense by performing their own art of music. In this art piece it shows the guys laughing and having a joyful time. Every time I see this piece I smile and think about how this band changed the world through their music. I think Richardson would like what I have to say about this piece. I think he would agree with the fact that this piece art has had some sort of influence in the world, I mean were the Beatles not influential in the past decades of music?


One piece that kind of moves me away or irks me would have to be this watercolor. In this piece there is man on a boat rowing down a dark waterway with the moonlight overhead. The reason this piece steers me away is because I feel all gloomy and sad inside when I see it. The coloration in the picture is what throws me off, and why the man is traveling alone in the dark. When it comes to this piece I do not think that Richardson would like what I have to say about it. When I view this piece I create my own perception of what I think about it. Richardson would go against this and say that the art must force me to become rational in the since of viewing it.


One thought on “Art Prejudice and Criticism

  1. Jody,

    Your post meets all of the requirements of the assignment. In regards to the first piece, the photograph of the Beatles, you and I disagree on why Richardson would deem this piece “art-worthy.” Giving up one’s prejudices and looking at the photo objectively, you would have to try to forget who is in the picture and view it as a stand-alone piece. I don’t think Richardson would agree that the piece is art simply because the piece is of The Fab Four. Your argument would be stronger if you included more quotes from Richardson’s essays, but I can respect it nonetheless. Your explanations were good enough, and it would be hypocritical of me to give you a “U” because I disagree with you. Interpretation is objective no?

    Grade, “S”.

    “Well ya know…we all want to change the world” -The Beatles
    Samantha Q

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