Lamentation on a Dream

Along this old spire, the sun did rise.

Visions that ran through my mind,

Had been of a grandiose size

But had disappeared in spite of my hind-


Sight is twenty twenty.

Bitches be spittin’ nothin’ but shit,

Sayin’ that this is plenty.

Y’all be satisfied with yo’ bit,

Ain’t willin’ to invest a single penny

On a dream that may not return any.


On through the air the dream did fly,

Away on the wind it did ascend.

As I lay helpless but to lie,

Sinking faster and faster my void did send-


Me? I ain’t no dope,

Got me sittin’ here tied to no rope.

I ain’t blind to my contradiction,

So tired of failin’ to conquer this confliction,

Cuz all I got is nothin’ but stuck,

Go on, get out, I don’t give a f***.


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