Hard out here for a bitch

Success is defined by who one might marry
And if he makes enough for you to sit at home
Raising babies and cooking dinner is a proud lifestyle
If you have no other abilities or can’t think for yourself

Bitches ain’t shit but hoes and tricks
if she ain’t pleasing me, she ain’t worth shit
If there’s nothing to bake
She better be out of my face
Cause sportcenters on
And I got bills to pay
Bitch ain’t bring home no bacon
So she ain’t got a say

A girl can only be proud if her husband tells her so
She should not spend her time learning cause she will never understand
College is a silly waste of time unless she receives her MRS
She should learn her place early so she can marry for money

No man want a bitch with a college degree
Ain’t nothing she can do with that to satisfy me
Just get on your knees
And do what you’re told
There’s no use in extra learnin
When cooking classes are free
Work was hard today
So get to pleasing me.


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