Thomas Paine Posts

Feeling annoyed. I cannot believe how crazy these church people are. Do they really think that setting up an institution that takes money from people is representative of how people of faith should live their lives? I just don’t understand why there is common belief that it takes a powerful institution to be seen as a legitimate place of worship. People need to focus on the important things in life like being happy, seeking justice, and trying to create happiness for themselves and others. I can’t handle all of this capitalist bullshit! Wake up people! Worshiping an idol isn’t a religion, practicing good morals is. #dontworrybehappy

Feeling angry. How can we call ourselves good people if we are denying others of rights that should be given to all men? Skin color should place no limits on the rights granted to citizens and it is disgusting that the majority of people think so. I thought we lived in America, the land of the free? It turns out that we actually live in America, the land of the hypocritical. I am ashamed to be associated with a government that places unjustified restrictions on people for no reason other than ancestry. We all came to America looking to make a fresh start from the oppression we faced in our previous homes. But doesn’t that make us the new oppressors to enslave others as we once were enslaved? #despicable

Religion Again.
Feeling amused. Why is it that religion is looked at with the upmost seriousness? I totally don’t get it! Religion should be a celebration of life and happiness but many sects of religion only focus on silently repenting and counting our sorrows. Cough cough #quakerprobz. Lets rejoice at all the wonderful things we have been given in our life! Everyone needs to jump on the deism train. We can all agree that there is one god, but lets also agree that under this one god the main objective is to act morally sound and treat all other creatures with the care and respect that we want ourselves to be treated with. #deismforlife #


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