Material World – Ballad/Rap

Materialism is getting worse and worse

Seems to be our society that develops this curse.

Creating things in our lives that are unnecessary

Not buying the upgrades makes us real weary.

The newest version is old the very next day

What’s the point of getting it anyway?

This want to always be up-to-date

Has our priorities really up for debate.

With such high expectations people’s feelings get hurt

Little kids on the playground constantly needing to be alert

of what they wear, what the say, what they brag about next,

And makin’ sure your house guests don’t seem perplexed

About why you don’t have five sports cars in the driveway

And why your outfit is SO last May.


It’s amazing cause as the standards get higher and higher

I seem to slowly push away from this ludicrous desire

I don’t want no bells and whistles, just a real chill life

A small house, a couple kids and to be a good wife

No second wardrobe, second house or the newest iphone

Just appreciation for what I have and a real humble home.

First 2 verses = Ballad, Second 2 = Rap


2 thoughts on “Material World – Ballad/Rap

  1. Don’t know why it’s not saving my spacing… but there should be a space between “weary” and the next line, as well as “debate” and the next line. Sorry!

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