Qualities of a Woman

You glare at her beauty it’s so unfair

Her beauty runs deep, her face so neat, don’t you dare stare

How can you deny

How can you deny

How can you deny a fair lady so shy, crimson cheeks so divine

Her beauty cannot be defined, for she shall shine


Her voice so soft hear the angels sing

So light and harmonious hear the bells ring

Can’t you see

Can’t you see

Can’t you see the beauty that lies within thee?

So poised and composed a lady you will always see


But keep yo hands to yo self playa

She got oh so many hater’s

She glows, and it show’s but nobody truly knows

The work that goes into becoming a true lady

Countless hours in the shower, make up and powder

All so she can have the ultimate power


Priss and prim describes her best

She’s always proud and sticks out her chest

She has curves so fine, you’ll need a glass of wine

Wine and dine her I mean

She is one of a kind, a price that cannot be seen

So pull out the dough, because this girl is ready to go

I got my ideas for the English street ballad from the following:


I followed the layout for this ballad, i did the two sentences with two repetitive short statements and two following senetences.

My English ballad is first, and my rap follows


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