Just goin goin goin through this motion,

Not gonna lose it in the commotion,

It’s like an ocean, of homework and papers,

But promise me, you’ll let me be, when I’m eating turkey with my family,

Cuz honestly, you need to see,

That’s all that matters in New Jersey.

So I keep ever onward through the mud and the rain,

Ever vigilant in the quest for comfort and similarity,

I will suffer no ill news and brush aside the pain,

And one day soon i’ll find familiarity,

Like, do they ever really fade away?

Not from your soul, in your soul they are there to stay,

Cuz your connections and memories they’re more than in your mind,

They’re in your heart, no matter how far you might think your apart,

Cuz your family was there for you from end to start,

And to make one thing clear blood don’t make you family,

And family don’t mean you got the same blood, fuck the legality

One day soon we’ll be in a peaceful place,

We won’t pay any mind to what happens outside,

I just want to see that smiling face,

To just sit back relax and enjoy the ride





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