An Educated Man

Wake up in the morning bright and early

Fight morning rush traffic toward USC

The drivers psychotic, pedestrians bold

Come class time, I find out the teacher cancelled


And what’s the price? 

Boatload of money a year and part of my life.

Screw the good man, Flannery

A smart man is hard to find.

Or so they say, I don’t know what to believe

The college president says that I’m doing the right thing.


Why am I here, and why should I care?

I just want law school, life isn’t that fair.

When will I need Spanish, Asian History, or Descartes?

I won’t finish paying this off till I’m an old fart.


An educated man, postgraduate pauper

Part of the plan

I’ll have that J.D., but I’ll be living off ramen and Spam. 

What’s the price of knowledge?

Better life, you cannot call it.

Adam, go to college.

A ton of money bought that. 

And that’s swell

Take the money; tell the students to go to hell.

I was walking down the Horseshoe,

Hit a brick and tripped and fell.

Will college be worth all this money and strife?

But the quest for meaning of life comes at a large price. 


Note: Stanzas 1 and 3 are ballads, just to make sure you guys know that. 


One thought on “An Educated Man

  1. So funny! I was laughing the whole time I read this. You did a really great job with it!
    Grade: S
    P.S. I trip over those pesky Horseshoe bricks all the time too 😦

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