Tommy Jefferson

Hey group 7, facebook won’t let me log on to the fake account so here’s my three statuses!

Katie Joslin
Facebook Statuses

I can’t believe I’m going to have to put Theology in my curriculum. I mean, it’s my university after all. This whole fairness thing is so unfair. I know, I know. It’ll make more people come and people are welcome to learn anything they want to learn. I guess it’s more important to have a well-rounded education than to have no education. With any luck, the kids will take Theology classes and decide that it’s absolute nonsense and come right back to seminary. That would be perfect. Next thing you know, we’re going to get rid of Botany and Anatomy.

I have had it with the Presbyterians! They are impossible to reason with. To listen to the five points of Calvin and think that has any kind of resonance. This is really just becoming ridiculous. In Boston, the preachers are just allowing all different religions to get together and worship and discuss their different religions! What is happening to the world?! At least in Rhode Island, they will not stand for such nonsense. We all know there is only one true way to worship the One True God. What’s next, non-denominational churches?! Ugh!

I just want to build the perfect university. We got so close and now we can’t build the library and student union because SOMEONE is refusing to finance us. What do you want us to do?  I’m trying to make a university in which everyone is well disciplined and learned in the CORRECT forms. Botany is the way to go. It’s the most important educational service we can offer. Instead, all the kids of today want to do is disobey their parents and start fighting for freedom. Do they not understand this is not the time?! Kids these days, the next thing you know they’ll stop wearing wigs and showing their undergarments to everyone they see.


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