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My statuses for Thomas Jefferson covered three topics: religion, education, and freedom of the press and ensuring the rights of the general public. Here are the three posts that I felt embodied the topics in terms of Thomas Jefferson’s viewpoints.
Even though it’s hard at first to think about me as a person who doesn’t really believe in Religion and God, you must know that here on this public form of social media I want to state more clearly my beliefs to you. I am more of an advocate for being free from religion, which I am sure Thomas Paine would agree with me on that one, like his ideas from The Age of Reason. This is not just about freedom of religion, it’s being free of religion to become more enlightened and more of a person who understands the world around him. I think that religion is getting in the way of individuals reaching their full potential and I really want everyone to be able to see their potential and understand their natural and unalienable rights as citizens and just plain humans. God exists, but He gave us this power to free our minds and see the world around us.
Education is one of the most important basic principles of our life. By educating our children they can be more knowledgeable to the vast world around them. It is good to see the way the modern world has adapted “no child left behind”. I am pretty sure I started that idea, but I won’t sue whoever coined that phrase in the modern day and age. It doesn’t depend on where a child is in the social scale, their mind is what sets them apart, and one full of great thoughts is what sets the standard. There always needed to be an equal access to this primary form of education, and it is delightful to see this access to education occurring.
Freedom of the press/ General Freedoms the public deserves:
I was hoping we could all see that by the public being better informed and more aware, that the government should respect those thoughts and opinions stated by those people of the mass public. We can all take a good look back at history to see how crazy France got. Oh the French. The press is there to inform the public, even though the press can get crazy at times, the press can give something to the public. Freedom of speech is so important in this day and age to be expressive and thoughtful. It’s just American, it’s what this country needs.


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