Gender: Group 5

To understand the opinions expressed in Swift, one should understand Butler as a relationship of sorts. The ideas that Butler portrays provide a connection with gender identity that is is hard to argue with anything but. In Butler’s opinion, social constructs surrounding gender will always exist, and one has to admit that this cannot be far from the truth. Swift’s opinions are not far from that, social constructs come with being a women, ideas that are without a doubt, reflected within her pieces of work. These “original” gender/sex roles are hard to actually understand when paired with social constructs. What can actually earn that name as “original”? To be born with or adapted into? The distinction is hard to understand when looking at their roles generally without seeing some relationship and connection between the two as a catalyst to gender roles. Swift sees the social construct more influential in the gender roles of individuals. Swift sees problems with these “original” roles, there are understood missing pieces of information. In regards to if “heterosexuality” is the “original” of “homosexuality,” it rings true. In the words of Butler,

“In a way, the presence of heterosexual constructs and positionalities in whatever form in gay and lesbian identities presupposes that there is a gay and lesbian repetition of straightness, a recapitulation of straightness – which is itself a repetition and recapitulation of its own ideality – within its own terms, a site in which all sorts of resignifying and parodic repetition become possible” (Butler).

Man had to find means of expanding with those roles man and women, and only when opportunity in new eras came, homosexuality was able to thrive without worry of population, the opportunity just had to be there. Butler disagreed with this, seeing that because of the variety of sexualness, being a homosexual could never be seen as “original”.

Butler’s theories of social constructs mingled with that of Swifts ideas and conclusions, exemplify such a strong connection and evaluation that it is hard to do anything but agree with their opinions. However biology is the sole benefactor in the way that people are internally, so why not physically and emotional as well. I’m sure one could find some scientist that could discover that some random mutation of genes or chemical imbalance could cause various stimulates, ideas, and behaviors that help to portray gender roles. I’d like to fully agree with the conclusions Swift came to, however science does not lie. Some relationship between biology and social constructs are the sole reasons that people behave in the manner they do. And only with those two stimuli do gender roles fully develop.


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