Art and a Purpose

I chose to look at the third point on whether art should improve society. I don’t necessary think art should aim to improve society but I think art should serve as a way to represent society. I think art is a way for people to express their feelings and thoughts about their perception of reality. Art should serve as a means of understanding each other’s perspective on the world. It allows people to express their feelings without directly stating them and gives people a voice in matters they would not normally have one in.  I think Richardson would argue that art should serve as a means to improve society. He states, “But pictures are not merely ornamental, they are also instructive.” I think this shows that aren’t is not just meant to be looked upon or decorate a house but are meant to portray something to us as a society.


This is a piece of modern art by Gina Marwaha and this to me is not art. I really don’t understand how a bunch of colors thrown together can be considered a work of “art”. I don’t see how Richardson would see this as art serving to improve society because I don’t see how one could argue that a bunch of splattered colors could be anything more than an ornament.



This is a piece of art by Norman Rockwell and I think this, and most of his pieces, serve a purpose to society. This piece and his others capture the American dream and happiness found in the simple things in life. I think Richardson would argue that this serves to improve society because it inspires people to live for the happiness of family, work, and happiness. I think that he would feel this work is not just an ornament but a positive message sent to society about hard work and strong family ties.


One thought on “Art and a Purpose

  1. Amy,

    Awesome job distinguishing Richardson’s view on art’s purpose, as well as your own. Your chosen pieces are pretty cool (especially since I once splatter-painted my bedroom wall like Marwaha). However, I’m interested to know what it is exactly about those splattered colors that makes you disagree with their classification as art?

    It’s interesting that, although you kind of disagree with Richardson’s idea about the purpose of art, you seem to view your chosen pieces in a similar way to how Richardson might. Either way, great choices and good job!

    Grade: S

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