To Become Enlightened

When it comes to understanding the concept of enlightenment, one must realize the true meaning behind the idea of becoming enlightened. I believe this consists of a person achieving self-fulfillment in personal knowledge. A human possess the ability to incorporate new beliefs throughout their lives. This comes with the idea of realizing what is true and what it wrong. There are influences in the world that factor into one discovering what is right. To become enlightened a person must not steer away from the influences in the world but find first hand what they believe is genuine. This brings about the idea of enlightenment being a personal thing that individuals hold. Achieving personal insight allows for a person to strengthen his or her own beliefs and discover the factual evidence in their beliefs. La Mettrie goes on to say, “This real or apparent similarity of external spatial items is the ultimate basis for all truths and all our knowledge.” I think that a person has to first question what they believe in, and then find some sort of truth in what they believe. Distinguishing between things that are real must coexist with the thought process that people have. People must realize the actuality in the things they believe.

The method for which a person becomes enlightened is through the process of realizing what is authentic and real. Through this process a person must weed through the things that negatively effect how they incorporate the true ideologies of life. They must factor in different things to come up with a determination that includes the ideas of certainty. Descartes’ ideas relate closely to this process. His process of reasoning with doubt shows how a person can find the truth in the perceptions that they have. He says, “My reason tells me that as well as withholding assent from propositions that are obviously false, I should also withhold it from ones that are not completely certain and indubitable”, in this idea he believes in throwing out all beliefs and starting from ground level to find the truth in those beliefs. He does this by using doubt to discover if it is real or not. I agree with his argument because to find if something is real and genuine you must decided its existence by the process of reasoning.

On the contrary to this idea some might believe that it is impossible to become enlighten solely by one self. Some might say that other people must factor into one achieving enlightenment. The thing that throws me off with agreeing with this judgment is the fact that a person cannot truly achieve personal enlightenment this way. A person’s enlightenment would be altered by another person’s views and opinions. This might cause someone to possess the thoughts of a different person. I believe that one must have independence in discovering their knowledge on what they consider to be true. Kant says, “This enlightenment requires nothing but freedom-and the most innocent of all that may be call “freedom”: freedom to make public use of one’s reason in all matters”, this seems to be more realistic in the eyes of a person using their own reason to see how enlightenment can be attained.


One thought on “To Become Enlightened

  1. Very good. You have a wonderful understanding of the material and I think you understand enlightenment very well.

    Grade: S

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