I stated this in class and I’ll state it again, heterosexuality is NOT the origin of homosexuality. Butler says “Hence, if it were not for the notion of the homosexual as a copy, there would be no construct of heterosexuality as origin.” I agree with her here. I think that we assume that heterosexuality was the original because the basic need for sex is reproduction but sex and sexuality are so far from the same things. If I were to be in a relationship with a woman (being a woman myself) and we decide that we want to have children, there is still a recognition for the need for a male reproductive cell. Being homosexual does not automatically make you unaware of the other sex. However, I do not base my interest in people off of whether or not they can make babies with me. I don’t think anyone really does anymore. I think we all look for people that meet certain standards or they have certain personality traits that stand out to them. I don’t look at a potential partner and think “we have very good looking babies.” To assume that heterosexuality is the original is to assume that heterosexuality is the norm and that’s incorrect. The majority does not make it the norm.

I also disagree with the notion that our biological sex is the original of our gender. I feel that if a person does not feel that they are the gender that they were declared at birth, then their biological sex was mistaken. One must understand how often a child is born with ambiguous genitalia and the doctor just decides what the child’s gender will be.  Often times, that doctor will decide that the child needs corrective surgery and will go ahead with the surgery without notifying the parents or asking their permission. To be honest, there is not much that the parents can do after this because the doctor can claim that the surgery was crucial and life or death. It’s truly horrible. But this is why I think that gender and biological sex cannot be so easily put into categories like original and secondary. Simply put, gender is a complete social construct as well as sexuality and therefore cannot be compared to a biological standard. In Swift’s poem “The Ladies Dressing Room” he talks about all these items that he finds that women use to make themselves look presentable which I think just proves how much of a social construct gender is. The ladies have all these instruments to make them look perfect and the list is nearly endless.


One thought on “Gender

  1. I liked your example of doctors choosing the gender of children I think it is a great example of separation of gender and biological sex. You did a good job citing the readings and relating them to your argument. Grade S

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