Judith Butler would say that gender roles are indeed a social construct. This means that she believes that society or culture generated these roles. She says “Gendering is a kind of impersonation and approximation” (Butler).  To Butler, gender roles are given to someone by society.  I think that both Butler and Swift would agree that gender roles are certainly a social construct.  Swift’s poem “The Lady’s Dressing Room” shows the reader a male figure that wanders intro a ladies dressing room and finds it unpleasant.  “A nasty Compound of all Hues,For here she spits, and here she spues. But oh! it turn’d poor Strephon‘s Bowels,When he beheld and smelt the Towels, Begumm’d, bematter’d, and beslim’d [45] With Dirt, and Sweat, and Ear-Wax grim’d. No Object Strephon‘s Eye escapes, Here Pettycoats in frowzy Heaps; Nor be the Handkerchiefs forgot All varnish’d o’er with Snuff and Snot. [50]”(Swift).  I think that Swift’s poem helps us understand Judith Butler’s views on gender roles.  Swift ends the poem by proposing that if males would only overlook the stink and approve of the illusion, they could enjoy the “charms of womanhood”. This shows that Swift thinks that gender roles are a social construct.

              In my opinion heterosexuality is the original and homosexuality is something that humans have created.Our biological sex is indeed original or our true gender. A man is a man and a women is a women .  I think that we have come a long way when it comes to gender roles since the 18th century. We are beginning to view every gender the same. One can see that we are moving towards equality for all genders whether homosexual or heterosexual. This is a topic that has been brought up in every presidential debate that I have watched.  Since this is a controversial issue, as one might expect, some agree with equal rights for gays and lesbians and some disagree.  My personal belief is one that indicates as a society, we are moving towards a wider amount of acceptance and tolerance for these couples.  I think that our society should be accepting of all genders no matter what role they are representing. This is America “The land of the Free”.   One should be able to freely choose what gender role they want to select without being filled with the guilt of being judged by others.   Gay and lesbians get all these stereotypes thrown at them and realistically they are truly undeserving of them.  As a male who has grown up going  to church, I have to believe that the only correct marriage and or couple  is between a  male and a female as designed for procreation;  however, where I differ from others is I believe that one should have the choice in their own association with a particular gender without repercussion from society.  

Judith Butler, “Imitation and Gender Insubordination”

Swift, “The Lady’s Dressing Room” (1732)


3 thoughts on “Gender

  1. Grade U. Although you addressed Swift and Butler and your own opinion, you need to add how “our biological sex the “original” to our true gender? and Is “heterosexuality” the original of “homosexuality”? as addressed in the question.

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