I do think that race is a social construct because it is how we categorize people without even knowing it. When you first see someone you perceive them as a certain race or ethnicity, which is only bad if used with ill intentions. In Racial Formation racial formation is described as “the sociohistorical process by which racial categories are created, inhabited, transformed, and destroyed…we argue that racial formation is a process of historically situated projects in which human bodies and social structures are represented and organized” (pg. 55-56) I still believe that it is similar to this still today in our society. We organize and represent our different ethnicities and race based on social construct.

I believe that race in some ways is necessary to our society because it lets people celebrate their culture and be proud of their heritage. They are able to express themselves and their peoples’ past. Race is only bad if we as a society make it that way. You can see somebody as an ethnicity and that’s if fine but if you judge what type of person they are or act poorly towards them for no reason without knowing them personally then you are making race a bad thing. If it is something that we can celebrate and not degrade it will make us better as a whole because we will become more open to other cultures and people in general.

In Equiano’s “Interesting Narrative” I found that he almost started to assimilate himself with his masters. When he says “I passed about two months; and I now began to think I was to be adopted into the family, and was beginning to be reconciled to my situation, and to forget by degrees my misfortunes” (Chapter 2.) He started to think that he would become part of the family but then he was sent away like he was nothing, this was directly contrasting the feelings that Equiano had before. He identified himself to be one of them because of how they acted towards him.

I found in my life the social construct that people from the north are expected to act or dress a certain way. And the same goes for people in the south that they like to do certain things and are completely different. When in my experiences I have found these things to be false, but people seem to still think this way about people without even meeting them, its just how it goes in today’s society.




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