Christianity & Creationism

One belief I hold strongly is the belief that God created the earth and all of its inhabitants. I grew up in a Christian home, where I was taken to church every Sunday morning, Sunday night and Wednesday night. I was constantly surrounded by religion. As I matured, I found myself accepting a lot of views and beliefs without ever thinking that the things I was being taught may not be accurate or even true.

When you are constantly bombarded with some piece of information – whether it be true or absolutely ridiculous – for long enough, it will start to become a normal fixture in your set of beliefs. You won’t even think to question the validity of the information or reliability of its source. For example, in the fifteenth century, people believed the world was flat. They never questioned this idea. They even went so far as to discredit anyone who believed otherwise, even when there was concrete evidence to disprove their strongly held yet erroneous conclusion.

Similar to this fifteenth century belief, the belief that God created the earth and all living things was instilled in me my whole life. It never crossed my mind to doubt the validity of the idea. In fact, I don’t remember hearing anything otherwise until half way through middle school when my science class covered the Big Bang Theory. Before that day, I had never thought to question my belief. I was torn between a belief I held my entire life and the facts presented in my textbook.

People from a different part of the world will likely hold an entirely different belief  set than how my feelings about God and creationism have developed.  Those from other religious backgrounds, such as those from Buddhism or Hinduism, believe in the continuing essence of a soul and that God is in everything. The subject of the ultimate creator is not settled on an eternal omniscient being, but rather on the contribution of all souls to the living planet.

The overall influence of God in my life has been significant. And, I suspect that the overall influence of the Buddhist way is significant in those who follow that religion. The societies in which we live both function well, but the societal norms in each part of the world (the United States versus India, for example) vary greatly because of the religious authority felt and imposed on the people.

It is easy to see how someone coming from a different religious upbringing would hold a different belief about this topic than me. If I hadn’t grown up being taught three times a week about God, the Creator of All Things, I probably wouldn’t believe the Creation theory myself.


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