Determining One’s Sex and Gender

When you place biological sex in a comparison with gender, you first must realize the differences between the two topics. Biological sex is how a person was born. This correlates to how a person truly exists between being female and male. On the topic of gender, it relates to how a person classes himself or herself on what they are. A person can change their gender, but they cannot change their biological sex. The biological sex they are born with comes with certain things that are categorized with the sex. Males possess certain chromosomes and features that females do not possess, and females possess certain chromosomes and features that males do not possess. With this I believe that our biological sex is the “original” to our true gender. This biological sex that each person has gives notion to the gender they are a part of. It is hard to find similarities between a biological sex and a differentiating gender that does not possess the qualities of the biological sex to begin with. Gender is just how one expresses themselves to the public, or how they portray themselves as a person. Swift says, “A Pair of Tweezers next he found, To pluck her Brows in Arches round, Or Hairs that sink the Forehead low, Or on her Chin like Bristles grow.” This gives an idea of how people prepare themselves in claiming to one gender. The woman in the piece would try to enhance her look to favor that of the female gender. She was wanting to express her outer being as being a female and not a male, due to the fact of trying to eliminate the physical characteristics that are possessed by males such as that of facial hair.

Swift talks about how women are who they are in the sense of belonging to a gender. He describes how women carry themselves by acting as females during the time. In his pieces, he tells of how women act as their own gender, and do different things to be classified within that gender. Also, he goes on to express how males act in discovering the different features of females. A curiosity between the two sexes is shown in Swift’s pieces. When it comes to the topics of heterosexuality and homosexuality, I do not believe that heterosexuality is the original for homosexuality. Heterosexuality acts in the ways of attractions between males and females. Since the beginning of mankind males and females have been known to find some type of desire to the opposite sex. When it comes to homosexuality, those people that do not see the satisfaction in the opposite sex developed a classification or grouping they could call their own. These people believe that their own sex is better than that of the opposite sex. Butler says, “Any intense emotional attachment thus divides into either wanting to have someone or wanting to be that someone, but never both at once.” This gives notion to the differences between heterosexuality and homosexuality. One must choose whether they want to have someone as partner such as that of the opposite sex, or one must choose if they want to be that someone such as that of being like a person of the same sex. Both of these ideas cannot happen at the same time because for one to want someone and want to be someone is two different ideas of interest. Heterosexuality can be seen as wanting to be a part of another person of a different sex, and homosexuality can be seen as wanting be a part of another person of the same sex.

In Butler’s essay it can be seen in a descriptive manner how different sexes see themselves in the eyes of the public. She believes that how one is portrayed in public can give rise to how one wants to be discovered. When you look at Butler’s piece in relation to the ideas of Swift’s pieces you can see how gender can determine ones existence in actuality. Butler’s piece allowed me to see how the topic of gender that was portrayed in Swift’s piece relates to that of a social construct. Therefore, I do believe with Butler’s conclusion on the fact of gender being a social construct. People are given the opportunity to believe in what they want to believe in when it comes to their sexuality.




One thought on “Determining One’s Sex and Gender

  1. Your analysis of butler was solid, and you also did well relating Butler to swift and how gender is a construct for being perceived and how one wants to be treated. Good work, Grade: S

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