All-Purpose Revision Grace Period (Oct 21-Oct 29)

Hello class,

Grades for all weekly assignments through Group 3 are now up on Blackboard. Overall, things went really well. It looks like there were a few breakdowns in communication here and there, but from the bird’s-eye view, you guys are doing great.

There are a few people who are already into their penalty zone, however. It was a little bit inconvenient that I was out of class the first week of Oct (when deadlines were hitting) and that we immediately had to dive into the midterm. For this reason, I am offering an open revision period from Oct 21 through Oct 29. If you received a ‘U’ for any assignment and would like to revise (or complete one you missed), you may do so during this time and I’ll accept it for full credit.

To repeat: if you got a U on anything and would like to fix your grade, you have one week to do so.




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